Servicing Limerick City and a radius of 20km

Domestic & Commercial Bin Clean Services


We use 100% biodegradable product to sanitise and disinfect your bins. Our ecologically friendly bin washing process recycles the water through a 6 stage filtration system; therefore, we have sufficient water supplies for a full day’s work without refilling the water tank.

At the end of each working day the water is discharged at an approved waste water location.

  • Helps create a safer cleaner home environment for your family.
  • Helps in preventing disease from dirty bins. (eg. E-coli, Salmonella & Flu Virus)
  • Helps keep flies, maggots and vermin such as rats and mice away from your bins.
  • Saves Water!!!

Unbelievable Value with Offers as low as €5.50 per bin. Click here to order today. or call Ger on 0852525971

We recommend our customers to get their bins regularly by opting for our monthly service but we have other options available too.



As you will probably know, waste bins are a major source of health and hygiene issues (PARTICULARLY FOOD WASTE BINS). No one wants the job of cleaning them, and eventually they end up being very unpleasant things to be around as they become smelly, dirty and unhygienic, sometimes causing cross-contamination of dangerous bugs into the work place and attracting rodents.

Waste Management, Health & Safety and Hygiene are major issues facing all kinds of businesses these days.

Our commercial wheelie bin cleaning services are available throughout Limerick City and beyond, and with prices as low as €6.50 +VAT per clean it makes this desirable service extremely affordable to use!

We service all types of businesses, big or small and there is a product to suit all. Submit your details here or call Ger on 0852525971 to get a quote to suit your business needs.