Servicing Limerick City and a radius of 20km

Bins are probably the most unhygienic items in and around your house or business. You will not be surprised to learn that they are the breeding ground for germs and bacteria like Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA and The Flu Bug!

Our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine not only cleans but also sanitises and disinfects your wheelie bin using 100% biodegradable products. Our machine comes with a built-in water filtration system. This helps eradicate bacteria from the water tank, helps to tackle smelly water and also to give the user cleaner water throughout the day. The water we use is recycled through our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Unit so you can be assured of a No Fuss, No Mess Service that doesn’t harm the environment.

At the end of each working day the water is discharged at an approved waste collection location.